>Sun, Sea & Sirens: A Poem by Pete Marshall


Sun, Sea & Sirens
by pete marshall

Her silken skin, a shoulder strap
slipped to show a hint of pink,
her thighs that sung a lilting tune
a sirens call where dreams would sink.

Too long I spent just looking past 
hidden from a shaded view,
where waters lapped a flowing beat
of dreams that floated on the blue.

Tousled thoughts & ruffled hair
beyond the beach her longing stare
behind the cool, abrasive wall
the lust of man, the wanting fool.


Today’s One Shoot Sunday is a choice of 5 wonderful images by James Rainsford. I took option 5…

17 Responses to “>Sun, Sea & Sirens: A Poem by Pete Marshall”

  1. >Damn. Strong beginning and finish, but that second stanza is incredible.

  2. >I hung on every word from start to finish…wow.

  3. >just gorgeous Pete ~ great image choice ~ but Oh I could just smack that taste of salt, sea and air ~ stunning imagery ~ Lib ~ @Libithina

  4. >I smell and hear the sea and your thoughts and evocation perfect. Outstanding write. Antonia Baranov

  5. >her thighs that sung a lilting tunea sirens call where dreams would sink….whew…got a great beat as well pete…nicely done…

  6. >seductive and maybe dangerous…had to think of odysseus who let himself bind to a mast on the ship..so he could hear the sirens sing but couldn't give in to the want.. great take on the prompt pete

  7. >There's something almost classical about this, measured, formal, especially the end lines, that gives it a 19th century feel despite the definite 21st century subject. " a flowing beat of dreams that floated on the blue.." captures the whole mood of posed calm of the pic. Nice one.

  8. >Just so excellent, strong on form, musical on the ear, beauty before the eyes.Poetry

  9. >I adore the second stanza.

  10. >provocative writing – your specialty is seems. great one, pete!

  11. >Wonderful write, Pete, especially the second stanza. I like the rhyme here too; it's a bit more subtle within the fine cadence of the lines.

  12. >I read everyone's comments and agree with them all. Your lyricism and classical references make this piece timeless. Beautiful, Pete. Gay

  13. >I agree with Hedgewitch. Nicely done, Pete.

  14. >a fabulous write…many applaud the second stanza, which is wonderful philosophically..but, I rather enjoy the last stanza for its brutal honesty ~

  15. >The first two stanzas are like a silky dream, but I love the grains and textures emerging in the final stanza!

  16. >"a sirens call where dreams would sink.""dreams that floated on the blue.""the lust of man, the wanting fool."wonderful lines! the ever-sensuous siren… amazing take on the photograph.

  17. >That siren song, where many a man has found his demise I'm sure. Seductive, passionate and well written my friend

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