>The Blues: a poem by pete marshall


The Blues
by pete marshall

Into the valley rode the 600
carrying the hope of all who came.
Blues would swirl on banners high,
drums would pound to beat their name.

Whistles blew as cries were heard
midst screams of man, their thumping hooves.
Flesh would sweat ‘mongst blood & dirt,
defiant yells the charge let loose.

Tender years too young for war,
fought as one despite their pain.
With gritted teeth they battled on
to take the prize and win the game?


Those of you who know me on twitter, @petemarshall1, will be aware that I manage an under 10’s soccer team. This Sunday, a win will see them win the league. 

Today’s poem, The Blues, is for them, who have fought so hard this season and are on the brink of winning their first ever trophy.

This poem is also for One Shot Wednesday, part of One Stop Poetry, which opens tonight at 10pm, UK time  (5pm EST). If you love poetry, whether reading or writing then stop by and take a look.

image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/syder/

31 Responses to “>The Blues: a poem by pete marshall”

  1. >love your ballad stanzas and tales to tell. but then perchance I'd be partial to that ABCB thing πŸ™‚ great job, friend PeteMonty / bummy

  2. >what a great tribute to a wonderful team:) and Bravo to you for taking time to give into the kids lives, way to go πŸ˜‰

  3. >A wonderful poem, Pete, and I am so happy your team is doing well.

  4. >oh – hopefully they make it and ..take the prize and win the game… all the best for the team pete and what fantastic tribute to those kids…they must be proud to have a trainer like you

  5. >I really want to don a kilt and shout freedom! You make it sound like more than just a game, bringing the passion and heat and the hope for glory into this little ditty. Nice one Pete, and good luck πŸ˜‰

  6. >Great poem, they're fortunate to have such an inspirational coach. Best of luck to them on the match.

  7. >A trophy you deserve too, for writing so from your heart, Peter.

  8. >Nice – thoroughly enjoyed reading this – thank you for sharing

  9. >here's to the team winning!

  10. >I bet you do great things with and for those under-10s soccer kids. Making a real difference, way to go!!

  11. >Great poem, made me smile. It reminds me of my sons who coach and grandchildren who play soccer. Good luck!

  12. >A great tribute to a team of young ones! Fantastic idea!

  13. >Well, here's to their great win! How wonderful for you and the team.

  14. >Nice- here's to the team πŸ™‚

  15. >I think everyone else got here early. I love your work. Each piece a sparkling jewel set in rhyme and motion and carved out with emotion and truth. Another to honor the team you love and the passion you have. Well done, our Pete!

  16. >ah….a Tennyson fan ?here's to your lil charge of the light brigade…

  17. >Nicely done Pete, your words flow smoothly.Anita.

  18. >Great Poem, sent strong imagery of children scrabbling and playing out on the filed, while the parents & friends shouted and cheered them on. Misty eyed thinking back to when my boys played now they are way past ten. Good tribute to them and good luck for the win.joanny

  19. >Great poem and tribute to your team. And thank you for supporting kids. Best of luck at the game!

  20. >Brought back memories of my kids playing soccer with intensity and grit.

  21. >This made me nostalgic, Pete, for I played soccer when I was in school! Glad to see your team do well, good job coaching πŸ™‚My Post Is Here

  22. >Hey, good luck! you (or someone) should read this to the team before the game.

  23. >Fun spin-off from the classic! πŸ™‚

  24. >Tennyson has always been a favorite. You've captured his passion, I love this!

  25. >Fitting tribute…good luck on Sunday πŸ™‚

  26. >Your lines never fail–the rhythm never misses. The heart is always constant, indeed. What a wonderful tale about youth this poem is! Racing to win is a gift of youth, winning would be a crown. Thanks!

  27. >Such a strong structure to emphasize the heart-breaking subject, which your choice of picture really brings full circle.

  28. >great job on the poem and in coaching! fingers crossed for the team.

  29. >they won 3-1…CHAMPIONS

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