>Back to Reality


Back to Reality
by pete marshall

The Drive was long but too much road
forced the eyes to stare ahead,
see not what the rear view found
but follow stars that shine instead,
and then the gas ran dry,
so I walked home,
but home was also dead.


This is my poem for oneshotwednesday, part of One Stop Poetry. Opens at 10pm tonight UK time


31 Responses to “>Back to Reality”

  1. >Sometimes it feels like it just never ends, yes? Reality is a hard mistress.

  2. >Sad the vision as you look at that rear part through that mirror…Yet, the images you depict in this journey to the end (or maybe the beginning…) are so deep to me… me likes, Mr Marshall.

  3. >I like this, Pete. A lot. and I like that word "roadforced."

  4. >Back to Reality: "The Drive with the 'd' capitalized…I read your poem again and again, especially the words describing not looking in the rear view mirror…looking only forward at the road ahead…we sure miss a lot of our lives…and in the process we lose our true sense of self and home…you say so much and make it look easy…thank you for this one…

  5. >oh, ouch. I feel like I was punched in the gut at the end. Punched with reality.Miranda<3

  6. >hard hitting… just like reality. nice

  7. >…and then the gas ran dry…So he turned back rather than reach for those stars. And instead of living in his present, he returns home to the past. Wow. So much packed into this little piece of prose. (And to dovetail on what Glynn said, "foundbut" is an equally intriguing word)

  8. >This poem makes me want to punch a hole in the wall. Hurts to read. You are a top notch craftsman, Pete

  9. >Quite a bleak reality, for sure. Harsh, but well done.

  10. >Sir, you ARE a master, as I've been told. Should travel this way more often.That rear vision thing does have pros and cons. Some say "One can never go back." Others say, "Welcome HOME!"My own OSW <a href="http://stfourthdimension.blogspot.com>HERE</a&gt; touches on reality, a hot topic tonight…

  11. >I thought this was awesome. The full circle feel to it, but still left with feeling that there's no where to go-just wandering…made me want more, but also didn't!

  12. >Reality bites…an almost escape…almost. Very sad piece. Vb

  13. >Ah there never really is any going back – thought provocative poem 🙂

  14. >"And home was dead"…this made my heart drop. haunting poem, Pete. Solid in its simplicity.Lady Nyo

  15. >Awesome in its simplicity, reminded me a little of William Carlos Williams…beautiful

  16. >"but home was also dead."wow!

  17. >So been there brother!

  18. >home can sometimes feel like dead…but it can be revived pete…

  19. >That is so sad, Pete.

  20. >Overwhelming sense of being trapped and despair as I read this – good poetry but bad place to be. Wanted to rush and be unenglish enough to hug you – but burst into tears writing this

  21. >So sad… Much thought in a few lines.

  22. >Sad…like life sometimes…nice!

  23. >What a bummer, Pete!

  24. >depth in few words, vivid indeed! Nice One…

  25. >The rear mirror offers valuable references to enable a focused look on the "too much road" ahead. Just keep pushing is the recommended watchword. Bless!

  26. >nice and dark, friend pete, just the way we like it 🙂 love that "home was also dead" ending. how we push rush to go. . .somewhere, and only to realize. . .it was pointless. great workMonty

  27. >Pete,This one definately left me feeling a bit meloncholy and run dry. "The Road" is familiar and at times, yes, is very long. Home should be the salvation and your last line stripped us of such promise. A nice little sucker punch, exactly what poetry should be

  28. >And when you want to run away and leave, the tank runs dry and Lubbock isn't in your rear view mirror; it's right there in your face. That was a town to leave in your rear view mirror and never had the joys of your corner of the realm, dear Pete.Sending hugs, Gay

  29. >It's a never ending road out there, literally my rear view mirror fell off ages ago so I can only look forward, I'm not joking, I headbutted the thing and superglue doesn't work. Oh sorry random comment but thought it might make you giggle

  30. >Wow! This is such a dynamic piece! Such rhythm and vision… that last line came as a complete surprise.

  31. >Pete, would you consider writing a poem for my blog?http://roberthuckinsvictim.blogspot.com/This is the journey of a victim of felony fraud and embezzlement left homeless by builderRobert M. Huckins who was given 27 years in jail suspended.On the proviso he return $82,200in $450 per month payments. Sometimes sad, sometimes pensive, sometimes with sarcastic humor it chronicles the apathy within the New Mexico Judicial system and New Mexico State Government towards victims of white collar crime and the sheer audacity of the criminals who believe that the world owes them something.

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