Who is Pete Marshall?

Hi and welcome!

If you are interested in my work and want to know more about me, please visit my blog at

pete marshall

If you want to know more then please see me at One Stop Poetry




8 Responses to “Who is Pete Marshall?”

  1. So are you looking for work as a writer or a poet or do you have other skills? What would like to do for a living?

    I thought of this Zen quote, which I’ll share, perhaps it holds some meaning for you, perhaps not…

    ~ In Zen, poverty is voluntary, and considered not really as poverty so much as simplicity, freedom, unclutteredness. ~

    Warm wishes…

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    I think the journey in discovering ourselves also requires some hardship to determine our mettle. You are doing well my friend.

  3. Hi Pete. You’ve been TAGGED for Wordy Wednesday! Go to http://taramillerwrites.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/its-wordy-wednesday-today/ to add to the story. Have fun!

  4. Wordy Wednesday again! You’re tagged! http://taramillerwrites.wordpress.com/2010/05/19/wheres-tara-on-wordy-wednesday/

    (feel free to delete this so I don’t clutter your page with “your tagged” messages)

  5. Susan Odiseos Says:

    I plan to read your poem to a high school class of students who will volunteer at a homeless shelter I helped establish. Your poem “Homeless” is quite moving, but I’d like to know a llittle something about you…have you been homeless or are your insights the result of knowing or observing homeless individuals? Is writing poetry your main occupation or is it something you do to convey to your readers outside of your work life? What can you tell me about yourself that you think will be of interest to the kids? Thank you

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