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Lord Have Mercy On Us

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Please read my new poem…Lord Have Mercy On Us is a poem that reads of the plague of 1665 whilst addressing todays financial plights and takes a swipe at the greed of the Banking world

Lord Have mercy On Us


The Wreckers

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My new poem at One Stop Poetry

The Wreckers

It tells the tales of a village whose men paid the ultimate price, whilst exploring unemployment and desperate means

A Birthday Wish: A Poem From The My Struggle With Unemployment Series

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My latest poem is exclusive to the We Like To Write Magazine, please visit at

A Birthday Wish

If you would like to comment please leave your comment here, thankyou

The Journey Home

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Beyond I see a clear warm day
That wraps its arms and pulls me close
And as my hand is held aloft
I shield the sun from squinting eyes
I searched for ships with laden things
That rode the tide and anchored home
And saw them row as muscles strained
Upon the waves that splashed their bow
The sun bore down on beaten backs
That carried scars of tortured souls
But as we worked in peace as one
We felt the pain of callused palms
And from the boat I gently slipped
Awash with hope and soaked with swell
To stop the clocks that marked decline
In mists that soaked the sands of time
My senses filled and took me back
On trips that brought me to this door
I watched you sit upon the stair
And wipe the tears that came afore
I took a breath and stepped inside
To see the place that once was home
And smelt the air of long gone dreams
That left in haste as fledglings roam
I saw the stairs I’d often climb
That led me to my place of sleep
Where here I planned my future life
But rushed to quick to see the sea
Yet twenty years or more have passed
And still you live inside your shell
O’ how I yearn to be that child
Inside my bed when all was well
But like the sea that drifts & splays
I rode the crest of rushing waves
And sands of time can only stop
When crushed beneath their broken clock……………….

Journeys End?

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This was the blog I didn’t want to write…..

Having left you all with renewed hope & optimism after our short break, I really didn’t want to come back and report doom & gloom. Thing is when you have too much time at hand your thoughts began to wander & fester & grow deeper…………….

It started well, with a renewed zest, I set out afresh, emailing & telephoning agencies, searching for work on the internet, sending  out CV’s, but still no joy. The problem you see is I am up against far too many others with qualifications that blow mine away!

So I sit at home, on the computer, searching & hoping for something to materialise. Trying to find ways to earn some money, which is why I put out so many article on Triond, hoping that at least this might take off!

But the thing is, I am scared, scared of going back & scared of going forward…..

What will life hold for me? As long as I am off I am not securing a future for my family. The mortgage is on interest only so I am not repaying it. But what do I do? I owe it to my family to earn an income, but the job I was doing meant 12 hours a day plus. To earn a salary that I was earning I will have to go back to this & this is what I am scared of!

Being unemployed has helped me find a person I thought had long died & now he is awakening & I don’t want to lose that. I am most certainly at a crossroads & as I think & let my mind wander I grow deeper in doubt about what it is I can now do?

Writing wont bring me a fortune, no publisher is knocking on my door, Triond wont help, so what am I, what is left?

This is the blog I didn’t want to write but I have & it hasn’t helped.

My following poem is really a reflection of my inner thoughts at this stage, its deep, it ponders but it doesn’t answer, it just dwells……………..

Journeys End?

I struggled down a beaten coast

Whilst wind & rain besieged my mind

Yet through the clouds the sun would shine

A glimpse of hope for outstretched hands.

I pray for times to clear themselves

When thoughts are free from troubled woes

But as I feel a change in wind

My journey’s cut in staggered throes.

And as my love holds on so tight

To dreams of age that bring a smile

The fear of now that grips my mind

Is beat & broke amidst denial.

I felt the wind cut through my bones

As rain soaks through my weathered coat

And storms ahead have gathered strength

That threaten tiles upon my home.

I rush inside to flee the rain

To face a mirror standing proud

I glimpse to look within the glass

Yet see the pain upon my frown.

I spite the truth so buried deep

That cuts the mote beyond my gaze

As fears are fought in battles lost

Whilst punished times will always stain…….

Maybe I think too much, maybe I dream too much? Maybe I just want more than I am capable of & havent, as yet, accepted that I’m not as good as I thought? Or maybe I have & knowing that I’m not is what scares me?

Without belief we are nothing. this is the blog I didn’t want to write………………………………..

The Last Will & Testament Of……

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Reflecting disdainfully,

remembering painfully,

upsetting, annoying, troublesome.

Bickering, sarcastic,

disputing, bombastic,

arrogant, conceited, unwelcome.

Fastidious relations,

private fixations,

foreboding, disturbing resentment.

Silently scheming,

nobody weeping,

selfish, unblinking, TRIUMPHANT!

Thursday’s Child

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Following my daughters birthday things began to map out as I thought, only much worse….

Bills had been put off to ensure we could make her day a special one but they still had to be paid, and then I discovered the ones that I had missed! The cars yearly MOT was due, car tax had to be paid, TV Licence bought , the list went on, and my head just dropped. And then through the letterbox came the Court papers!!!

For the first time since I have been out of work I just felt completely overwhelmed by it all, but that’s when you find how fate can play such a strange part…

I am 42 years of age & the shame I felt at having to ring my parents to ask for money is something that I thought would never happen, but it did & I had to. To have to admit that you have failed is a humbling experience but thankfully they were able to provide.….

The following verse, Thursday’s Child, is reflective of my feelings at having to reach out during this period….

Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s child found hidden depths

As eyes betrayed a kindly heart

And mothers swell despite their shame

Whilst children’s hands hold tainted things


And heads that drop in sudden pain

Turn hearts that lead like royalty

Demand the pomp of yesterdays

But debts are sold too easily


And clothes that hole & start to fray

Whilst pots of gold line other lands

That wash themselves with purity

Find hands that scrub a withered stain


But joy is found when holding court

As dreams will fade beyond extreme

And take the turn of fabled tales

Whose pennies rain on empty things


With you, I cried, my kindred hope

As bread felt warm upon my plate

But eyes of blue still sit and stare

As cheeks are pinched by Thursdays fate



And this is where fate plays its part, the next day I checked my Bank account to find I had been credited for a Tax rebate..…..

I didn’t need the money from my parents, I was able to cover those debts outstanding & guess what, we packed our bags & cleared off for a few days giving the kids and ourselves a break from it all….

The Court papers are still there, I am still unemployed but now I have a clearer head and am ready to fight again…