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Winters Blues

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sometimes elements in the news are just too close to home…this poem is for those that suffer or have lost loved ones through depression


Broken: A Poem By Pete Marshall

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A Love That’s Lost

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A petal falls so silently

To land and rot amongst the weeds

A roses head tilts & sighs

Its stalk been snapped by wicked lies

Each day you toil to keep alive

Your dreams of love that never die

But weeds grow up and strangle stems

As blood drips from the petals end

Your lawn was lush and velvet green

Now dry & barren like your dreams

And age has caused your bones to tire

Your hands are cracked with skin so dry

You mask your pain in solitude

Bereft of friends that vanquished you

And as you prune each budding shoot

You snap the growth of disrepute

Oh how you once was young & free

You bloomed & blossomed flirtingly

Each eye you caught would turn a head

But times have passed & lovers left

A robin sits and watches you

His gentle verse that warms you through

But robins fight & guard their place

Whilst you just laughed amidst disgrace

Indoors he sits a lonely man

Across the table his bread & jam

And through the glass he watches you

Inside he cries at nothing new

A once proud man who gave his life

Who gave you all as man would wife

And yet here now he sits alone

The man you loved no longer known

The smile that wooed a million girls

That made you heart a merry whirl

But now the bones are cleansed of meat

His once large frame admits defeat

He grasps for thoughts no longer there

And through the glass he sits & stares

His children come his children go

The names of which he’ll never know

You made a vow to stand by thee

So still you tend & still you weed

But deep inside you’re very scared

To lose your rock that always cared

Yet still you hide in solitude

The pain that hurts inside of you

A petal falls so silently

To land and rot amongst the weeds