The Victim……..(A story in 160 characters)


With eyes like pools of azure blue
That pierced a mind and hearts would swoon
Whilst tempered steel could slave no thirst
When lust took hold this nights full moon


For more marvellous stories in 160 go to (monkey man)


25 Responses to “The Victim……..(A story in 160 characters)”

  1. Monkey Man Says:

    Great poetid 160. Thanks for playing and adding your creativity to this ecclettic mix of Sunday 160s. Have a solid Sunday.

  2. oh hot 160…who will be her next victim….smiles.

  3. well done pete, have a happy sunday.

  4. moondustwriter Says:

    don’t be blaming the moon now (smiles)

    really powerful in 160

  5. i’m always blaming the moon or at least howling at it!!!

  6. very impressive 160.

  7. (pant pant)

    Interesting phenomenon: Brian commented, “who will be HER next victim.” And here I am, thinking, “oh, I want to meet HIM.” We are all the center of our own universe.

    I think you hit it spot on. Excellent!

  8. thanks again jingle

    • hi jingle, this is especially important for me as i have been on a self doubting journey of late. Thank you to all who have read, appreciated & took the time to comment…i really do appreciate this

  9. Simply fantastic. reminded me of Lucy in dracula.

  10. This is great! I always love reading poems/prose about the moon

  11. Move over Shakespeare! Pete’s in the bard’s house!!

    Loved this!

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